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Toby's little hearts having been creating happiness for many during the lockdown period. Toby and his mum Laura started crocheting little hearts and leaving them hidden around the North West of England and North Wales for people to find with a note.

Anyone finding one was invited to post on their facebook group (link). Already 349 people have joined the group, especially people who shared their happiness in finding one of Toby’s Little Hearts.

Laura wanted to make their daily walks more fun after she read about crochet kindness and said to Toby
“Let’s make and hide these for people to find, we started with five which were all found but Toby wanted to do more. Since then we’ve put out over 250 hearts”.
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But the story doesn’t end there. One lady was so touched by finding one of Toby’s little hearts whilst out on a walk with her husband who had just come out of hospital and felt it was so kind and meaningful. The lady nominated Toby for One Big Thank You segment of the BBC One Show.

With the aid of Laura’s husband Stewart a walk was set up at a nearby park. Little did Laura and Toby know but there was a BBC film crew present with stand in actors watching a special screening of Giles Brandreth talking about crocheting. While they stood watching Giles revealed all and mentioned what Laura and Toby had been doing on screen, much to the shock to Laura and Toby.

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Toby went very shy being interviewed. The segment was shown on the BBC One Show on June 17th.

Since then Toby and Laura continue to leave their hearts hidden for people to find and Toby has become something of a local hero which people recognising him from Facebook and the One Show.

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Toby hiding one of his little hearts.

Toby’s Little Hearts Facebook group can be found here