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HMRC have recently updated their list of deliberate tax defaulters either as individuals or businesses.

The list is too long to publish here and can be found at HERE

Please note each entry on this list is specific to the default dates to which it refers. The address is the one associated with the published person at the time of the default. For example:

  • the published person may have changed their behaviour
  • the published person may no longer be at the published address
  • the business currently at the published address may have no connection with published business
  • the business currently at the published address may have the same name as the published business but could be under completely new management

Most noticable in the list of defaulters are a lot of restuarant and takeaway businesses and HGV drivers with addresses in former eastern Europe.

Some examples are as follows. The first figure is the tax amount avoided and the second is the penalty applied.

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Is there anyone you know or for your location on the list? After loading this LINK AT GOV.UK use a search box - usually ctrl-f to search by name or town.